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I found these two videos that was similar to the group project details that were described to us. These guys just had pure fun while making a video that now has over a million hits. I like the first video because they seem to be so into it! Are these people supposed to be working? Lol.

And the next one isn’t really something that is new to any of us. I am sure you all have seen this either online or in real life. So many brides and grooms are making this their “first dance”. Not only has the video went viral online, it has taken hold in wedding ceremonies and receptions across the US. I have been to two weddings in the last year where this was done.


Moving On

Spring semester finally ended and I find myself relaxing for the first time in months. The work was not too bad at all, however finding time wasn’t easy. Wheww… Crazy me went ahead and signed up for 2 more courses this summer, even though I will be working at the high school throughout the summer during the day and at the college at night. Maybe I will find time in between to do MY homework. Lol. THESE were the classes I have been waiting on. Finally, something that interests me. I can’t wait to see what is in store for me next.

Bin Laden is DEAD.

Just found out that Bin Laden is dead. Figured I would post this since I was already working on some other blog posts:

So, this assignment wasn’t too hard after seeing Ray’s project on mapping New Media students. Images can be added, I think I have some images in my map. There are numerous ways that this can benefit people.

I must say, I have not really looked much into geotagging before this assignment. I have heard of it and it is pretty self-explanatory but now that I know how to use it, I will tag my images all of the time. You can see my flickr map here. What was truly amazing is that I just bought this new cell phone, the verizon thunderbolt. I have kept the GPS on because I use the Navigator a lot. I did not know that every time I take a picture, it keeps the exact location! Wow… I am amazed. It also has a share button that will allow me to share my pictures to flickr and other accounts all from my phone. Geotagging is a neat way to show where you have been. Awesome! Thanks for this assignment.

Taken last night at a wedding reception in Rutherfordton, NC.

<a href="” title=”IMAG0009 by jconn83, on Flickr”>IMAG0009

Well, this was a heck of a semester. I decided at the last minute to begin working on this program. Registration, start dates, knowing where to go to access my courses- it was all a big mess at first. To top it all off I entered as a non-degree student and recently I have been busting it to get all of the stuff needed to switch to the Masters program. Now I am in! My first two classes were GREAT and the instructors were very helpful and I enjoyed working with everyone. The only thing I am not sure about is moving forward with two classes at a time. I tell myself every semester at work that I am going to give up some of my extracurricular duties, but that hasn’t happened yet. I am the advisor of two clubs, I coach track and volleyball, and I also own a landscaping business on top of my school job. While I have guys who work for me on the landscaping, there are times that I have to go out and work til dark helping them on jobs. I am also supposed to be teaching some continuing ed classes this summer in the evenings. The extra money is great and I would be crazy to give it up and this is why I am considering moving forward with one class per semester. I really enjoy this program and I hope to land a job in a community college someday working in Distance Learning. Then again, the quicker I get this degree, the better:) Who knows what I will do…

For my final in-depth project I decided to tie it to my web design course and make a larger, more detailed project. Since we had to show off things that we have learned in both classes, I thought I would create a website that would show illustrate some type of social networking involvement. I designed an “all about mac” web site that’s purpose is to help mac users better understand how to work their machine. The way I show this is by using videos that I have created as well as embedding videos that others have shared online. I chose 19 of the most popular apps that can be installed or come pre-installed on the Mac and for the sake of this project, I only embedded around 30 videos. However, the site is “under construction” and if I were to complete it to serve its purpose, it would house hundreds of videos. My hope was to get enough embedded so that viewers could see where I was going. I plan to continue updating this site and allowing our students and teachers here at school use it for reference. You can see my project here.

Here is our final project. Fun.

While I am not very familiar with the entire capabilities of, I did like what I read about and created a video to submit to our team’s youtube channel. What I really like about posterous so far is that it is a tool that allows you to do SO much from just one location. In this class, we were required to post stuff here, there, and everywhere. I realize that this was a learning experience for us, but posterous allows the user to connect to all of your other social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube, vimeo, wordpress, etc. Users are not required to go to the posterous website to create a post.. NOPE, it is as simple as logging into your email account and sending your post to “”. Once you send that email, your message will be posted on your posterous wall as well as any other account that you are linked to. It also allows you to set up group accounts and I think this would be great for a class such as the one we are in. DI could post assignments, then we could all blog and share away. It allows you to upload video, audio, and pictures. Great tool and VERY convenient. Here is my video:

For my part of the team project, we were required to find a social networking tool that we have yet to discuss in this class. I found a site that is becoming very popular, While I did not get to go into much detail in my video, I found this guy who know quite a bit about posterous. I really think this could be a tool that DI or any other online instructor could use. Check out this youtube video.